Our Services

Training & Development
Prolific Solutions offers professional services designed to assist in the development of employees through structured training.  Our training and development team utilizes specialized programs to assist clients enhance their workforce while meeting their deliverables and organizational goals.  We offer training and development services in the following areas:  Harassment prevention, diversity & sensitivity, leadership, organizational and personal development.

Management Consulting
We assist organizations with improving their performance in the areas of strategy, structure, management and operations.  We offer advice and access to specialized expertise by providing a broad span of consulting services across all industries to include Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Finance, Operations, Non-Profits, Project Management and Administration.

Governmental Relations
We represent private firms, non-profits, trade associations, local governments and others in the area of governmental affairs.  We provide strategic advice and implement tactics to assist our clients with navigating through the political process.

We possess broad experience in both the governmental and private sectors that allow us the opportunity to create & manage campaigns, effective messaging, lobbying services and economic analyses.

Revenue Generation
We constantly strive to become more strategic by assisting our clients identify ways to produce more revenue through effective marketing strategies and identifying savings and excessive and wasteful spending within their budgets.