We provide long-term solutions to complex issues.

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Organizations are starting to perform differently. They are facing demanding technologies, global competition, developing business models, changing customer and employee expectations, and growing regulation. By remaining aware and adapting to these changes faster than their competitors, organizations can achieve a competitive edge and transform challenges into opportunities to excel.

We help clients fine-tune their organization to superior performance while assisting them with achieving their business objectives so they can become effective, forward-thinking and productive organizations that are ready to capitalize on their business investment.

Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues while positioning them to thrive in an ever changing marketplace. Our core solutions are customized to each client’s specific industry and areas of need.


Consulting Services

Change Management
Corporate Finance
Strategy & Marketing
Advanced Analytics
Organizational Management
Performance Improvement


Read What our Clients Say

“I just feel like the level of expertise and knowledge that Prolific Solutions has really far outweighs the other companies that we’ve worked with in the past.”

Michael Dozier

Founder & Principal, Carrington, Holland & Leigh, LLC

“If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking at growth, opportunity, then Prolific Solutions is the one you want to partner with – so have them come along the journey with you.”

Meredith Corley

President & CEO, Triple C Consulting Corporation

“I don’t think of Prolific Solutions as an outside company; I think of them as part of our business.”

Henry McCulum

Founder & Principal, McCullum Consulting Strategies

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